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    can I have a hug like this

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    I feel very strongly about this.

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    Ed Sheeran rapping to the tuning song

    “Suck on my balls”

    I’ve been looking this forever

    a classic

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    Well hello, I didn’t see you there! Welcome, this is my first follow forever. Below you will see the blogs that I adore and think are worth a follow. Everyone below really inspires me and just makes me smile! I know that I will miss people by accident, and Im really sorry in advance. If I didnt mention you then please brutally kill me. With that said, here we go:


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    Hi so thats all she wrote for now! Thansks y’all for being awesome 24/7!

    *credits to Nicole for that kickass banner*

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    Don’t fuck with Ed’s love

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    Nicely said 👌

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    do you ever wonder if ed sheeran shines out for you

    my first ever edit im emotional

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    Ed Sheeran arrives at ‘Gare du Nord’ train station on April 18, 2014 in Paris, France.

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  12. "I’m so proud of this album that I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I do not have any worry about it. It’s exactly what I wanted to put out, it’s the best possible thing I could do. If anyone doesn’t like it, it’s their problem. I love it."
    — Ed Sheeran  (via edsheerandaily)

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